Is blogging dead? Or just this one…


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My appetite for consuming blogs has seriously waned.  Seriously. It’s a rare occasion that read a blog post from headline to comment line. I usually scan a headline, and maybe click on a link if it teases my taste buds but I generally just take a quick bite and move on.

Although when I do come across an interesting one, I dive right in and come out on the other end as satisfied as if I’d just consumed a giant slice of chocolate cake and a large glass of spicy red. I found this one ‘A teenager’s view on Social Media; written by an actual teen’ was a pretty good read, even worth a second helping.

Conversely, it seems I’ve not been cooking up many new blog posts either, and it seems I’m not the only one. Have you noticed? It’s been nearly a year since MP’s  last article – and we have a multi-national team of bloggers. Where did we all go?

Priya Florence on WPeka says “As long as there are readers, there will be bloggers.” So Media Platypus readers – are you there? Do you still have midnight cravings for another missive from the Media Platypus team?

In my head I hear your faint echo of a reply… (I have a very vivid imagination).

quote on wellington waterfront.

But I’d rather have your comments. Yes this blog has been a little less than “best practice” lately. But I know for a fact that social media is still high on many an interpreter’s list of something that want guidance and help on.  And the ethos for 2016 in ‘blogging’ circles is to publish long content less often – quality over quantity.

Huffington Post says;

“… to build a successful blog you just need to become a curator of information for a specific community. What you need to do is, focus on a niche audience, discover their needs and give them valuable information and services.”

But enough about what Huffington P says. What should Media Platypus say?

Our niche audience is interpreters. You are our audience.

Our content focus is social media. So we’d like you tell us a bit more about what you want to know.

What information would you like from us?

  • Case studies?
  • Ideas or opinions?
  • Innovations in technology or evolutions in new media?
  • How to 101?
  • The basics or the latest trends?
  • How to use hashtags? (#lotsofquestions).
  • My new favourite recipe for chocolate cake?

Tell us in the comments, or on the Media Platypus Facebook page. Let’s get some great conversations happening. Then we’ll come up with a plan for action for the coming year.

Food poster.

Oh and by the way, if you want to know who we are, you can find out more here

Response to Is blogging dead? Or just this one…

  1. Suzanna Maas

    Case studies please. There are so many organisations, big and small, doing a terrible job – I need help finding the gems.

  2. Amy Landers

    Glad you’re back! I enjoy your team’s perspectives and insights on all things interpretive. I’ll second the request for case studies. You might also be in a great position to pull together some industry data that would help us all put numbers and engagement into perspective. And I’m always interested in a good chocolate cake recipe. :)

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