Not long ago, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, “So realistically, are we supposed to continue tweeting forever? What’s the long-term plan here?”

Well, that’s what we’re going to set about trying to figure out here. When we came up with the identity for this new venture—which will explore the rapidly expanding and ever-changing world of new and social media—we settled on the platypus.

Platypuses seem like they were assembled by children playing some sort of mix-and-match game. They move like marionettes being operated by three amateur puppeteers at the same time. They defy definition, and when they were first discovered, most reputable experts thought they were a hoax.

Social media, as an entity, share nearly all of these traits. Their component parts do not seem like they should function well together, but they do, albeit awkwardly. They don’t always move in lock step, but they seem to be going the same direction. And when they first started being identified as a possible method for reaching large audiences with important messages, most experts laughed.

Many of you who are reading this are here because you’re familiar with our previous website, Interpretation By Design. Some of what you’ll find here will be familiar, and some will not. We’ll still write about certain aspects of the design world, we’ll still ask you not to ever use Comic Sans, and we will still try to slip in as many references to baseball as possible. What will be new for us—other than the obvious new focus on social media rather than interpretive design—is that we will be joined by other voices on this site. Shea Lewis and I will still be your primary hosts, but we’ll have regular appearances by people we like and people who know a lot (sometimes both!). We will not be social media evangelists. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of the various media out there—not just how to use them but whether they’re worth engaging in at all.

Also, we’re going to experiment with the media we’re writing about. We’re on Twitter and Facebook (of course), but we will also explore Pinterest, Google+, and whatever else comes along. When we get our act together, we will host a podcast.

We look forward to sharing this new venture with you and thank you for being here.